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Important Announcements

Welcome to School of Development Studies

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The School of Development Studies was established in 2012, to critically examine diverse contexts of development and its implications especially for excluded and marginalized communities; to respond to a growing critique of development, as idea and practice; and to focus on the making and subsequent shifts in the discipline of development studies. The pivotal points that guide our work at the School of Development Studies is to instill and augment key social science skills among our students, within the context of studying 'development', and to build a strong critical and interdisciplinary tradition of research and writing on issues of development. We seek to do this through two masters' level programmes in development studies and women's studies, and vibrant research programmes, i.e. M.Phil and Phd in both women's studies and development studies.

The broad thematic areas that inform our research, teaching content, and pedagogic, methodological and disciplinary practice are: agrarian crisis and rural livelihoods; climate change and adaptation; conflict and human rights; development as social enquiry; development as stability and peace; globalisation and social movements, governance; decentralised planning and local democracy; human security; population, migration and development; poverty, inequality and human development; and women's studies. The School pursues intensive work in these thematic areas through 6 Centres viz

  •  Advanced Centre for Women's Studies
  •  Centre for the Study of Developing Economies
  •  Centre for the Study of Developing Societies
  •  Centre for Population, Health and Development
  •  Centre for Public Policy, Habitat and Human Development
  •  Centre for Social Theory

A research facility on Food System and Community Nutrition is also located in the School. The faculty members of the School are drawn from various disciplines like anthropology, economics, geography, political science, sociology, demography and social work. Interdisciplinarity and a global comparative edge while retaining an expertise in matters of the region informs research and teaching in the School of Development Studies. In addition, a strong sense of dynamism to continually respond to the changing reality and requirements of professionals in the field, shapes our work and training of students.