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SDS Seminar

SDS Seminar


November 27, 2015 : Prof. D. Parthasarathy on 'Relationality, Simultaneity, Multiplicity: Theorizing Structures and Flows in Asia'.  [About the Talk] [About the Speaker]


December 11, 2015 : Dr. Sudha Narayanan on 'Employment guarantee and local labour markets in India: A study of wage impacts in the ICRISAT-VDSA villages'. [About the Talk] [ About the Speaker]


December 18, 2015 : Prof. T. Sundararaman on  'The National Health Policy Impasse’. [About the Talk] [About the Speaker]

January 22, 2016 : Dr. Erica Burman on "Gendered and generational impacts of welfare reforms: the case of the UK ‘bedroom tax’". [About the Talk] [About the Speaker]

January 29, 2016 : Dr.Susan Moir on 'The Peculiar History of the Labor Movement in the United States'. [About the Talk] [About the Speaker]

February 5, 2016 : Dr. Nobhojit Roy on 'On the borders of needless medicine: Is India over-medicalized?'  [About the Talk] [About the Speaker]

February 19, 2016 : Prof. Umesh Bagade on 'Caste, Class and Peasant Struggle in colonial Maharashtra'.  [About the Talk] [About the Speaker]

 February 26, 2016 : Dr. Jasmine Damle on 'Nativism, Regionalism, and the Legitimization of Violence; The MNS way.  [About the Talk] [About the Speaker]