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Advanced Centre for Women's Studies

Advanced Centre for Women's Studies

The centre, one of the pioneering Women Studies Centres in India, was established in 1982 through a Ford Foundation grant as part of the University system and has subsequently been recognized as an Advanced Centre by the University Grants Commission.

The centre was born out of a felt need for imparting gender sensitivity and Women's Studies' perspectives to students, researchers, fellow academics and policy makers through relevant education. The initial spectrum of activities of the Centre included research and documentation, teaching of specific courses in other interdisciplinary programs of the Institute; preparing of teaching materials and aids; consultancy on gender themes and organizing and conducting of training programs, seminars and conferences. In recent years, the Centre has built on this rich experience of early years to focus its activities towards evolving a full-fledged MA Program in Women's Studies (from 2009) and an MPhil Program in Women's Studies (2013).

The Centre has also been involved in networking and extension for national and international advocacy on gender issues since its inception. It has a rich history of women centered research and advocacy and has demonstrated expertise, developed over several years, of teaching women? themes across other existing programs. The presence of a well-developed library and documentation facility also complements our aspirations.



Dr. Wandana Sonalkar, Professor & Chairperson

Dr. Ilina Sen, Professor 

Dr. Nishi Mitra, Associate Professor 

Dr. Meena Gopal, Associate Professor 

Dr. Asha Achuthan, Assistant Professor 

Dr. Bindhulakshmi P., Assistant Professor 

Dr. Zeba Imam, Assistant Professor 

Dr. Sujata Chavan, Assistant Professor 

Ms. Sangita Thosar, Assistant Professor


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