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Centre for Population, Health and Development

Centre for Population, Health and Development

Demographic changes, population dynamics and epidemiological and nutritional transitions frame development contexts in significant ways, conferring unique development paths and identities on nations and their populace. The deeply imbricated relationship between population, health and development forms the focus of this centre. The Centre for Population has been consistently engaged with articulating this relationship through research in both macro and micro contexts, analysing secondary data and empirical studies on various population, health and developmental issues; establishing trends in performances of various communities in population health and development related programmes over a period of time and, assessing uniformities and differentials in factors contributing to the successful implementation of population, health, nutrition and development related programmes in different communities.


The centre is a key player in its field of research as is evident in its linkages to corporate houses, government programmes and interventions and through its advocacy, collaborative and training roles. The centre is recognized as a nodal Centre playing an advocacy role for the promotion of ageing issues in the country as part of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) sponsored long-term collaborative study on Building Knowledge Base on Population Ageing in India. The centre provides the technical inputs to corporates in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, especially in conducting baseline surveys, community need assessments, stakeholder mapping, social auditing, social impact analysis and networking of stakeholders for private companies. It also plays an active role in the training of professionals associated in the areas of land acquisitions and Resettlement and Rehabilitation issues for various public sector undertakings and private companies. Through such engagements the Centre aims to generate and sustain critical knowledge in matters of population and health.


Dr. S. Siva Raju, Professor & Chairperson

Dr. P.M. Sandhya Rani, Associate Professor 

Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Assistant Professor