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Centre for Public Policy, Habitat and Human Development

Centre for Public Policy, Habitat and Human Development

The Centre for Public Policy, Habitat & Human Development (CPPHD) is an inter-disciplinary centre aims to build and advance critical perspective on the role of state and democracy in reducing pervasive socio-economic deprivation, entrenched vulnerabilities through synergized civic intervention.

Improvements in economic growth and human development can vary and can either be virtuous or vicious. The inter-linkages between Economic Growth and Huamn Development depend on the nature of public policies pursued in a region. Socio-economic public policies that guarantee equitable, non-discriminatory opportunities to all in addition to making them participatory and engage in social accountability processes tend to contribute to egalitarian progress. Thus, the Centre emerged to address this need to systematically analyse issues of public policy and decision processes in a country as being embedded in determining human development progress in general and improving well-being and welfare in particular.

The centre's work currently revolves around broadening poverty and inequality measurement; assessment of Social Sector Development; expanding purviews of Public Intervention; teaching and capacity building and consolidating work on Policy Advocacy. The major areas of research of the three faculty members located the centre include state, democracy, political violence, governance reforms, civil society-voluntary sector, public policy with focus on rural development, financial inclusion & monitoring and evaluation of welfare programs, private cities; city and social justice; regional economic development; muslims and development; inequality and human development.  


Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Professor & Chairperson

Prof. Abdul Shaban, Professor (Currently on deputation as Deputy Director, Tuljapur Campus)

Dr. Sandhya Iyer, Associate Professor