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Centre for the Study of Developing Economies

Centre for the Study of Developing Economies

The Centre for Study of Developing Economies (CDE) came into existence in 2012 under the School of Development Studies at TISS. The CDE is envisaged as a teaching, research and dissemination hub on the specific problems of developing economies. By developing economies, the CDE recognises those countries that continue to be backward with respect to the material well-being of people, which is a wider and richer conception of development, beyond the income parameters, referring to the fundamental and primary conditions of human existence. The CDE is committed to research and policy analysis in a systematic and scholarly manner to frame the development agenda conducive to the advancement of the developing economies. Common concerns confronted by the developing economies due to their shared history and structural barriers as well as issues particular to specific countries receive equal attention here. Problems of Indian economy remain an enduring interest at the centre. Inter-disciplinary approach and intellectual openness remain the cornerstones of the CDE.

The goal of the centre is to organise itself as a unique research location in South Asia. Specific objectives of the CDE are to:  promote research and policy studies related to contemporary economic problems with a focus on developing economies; engage in teaching and dissemination activities pertaining to the thrust areas of the centre; fostering collaboration by bringing together scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds and institutions; support and consultation to government, public and other bodies with an interest in development.

Faculty of the CDE have been associated with many research studies sponsored by Government, public bodies, and other national and international groups on a broad range of topics. Current thrust areas of research in the centre include: Agrarian Studies and Rural Development; Macroeconomic Transformation; Financialisation and Development; Trade and Development; Public Finance and Fiscal Policy; Financial Inclusion.


Dr. P. Gopinath, Associate Professor  & Chairperson

Dr. Anita Rath, Professor

Dr. R. Ramakumar, Professor 

Dr. Vineet Kohli, Assistant Professor

Dr. Aparajita Bakshi, Assistant Professor