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Why Recruit Us

An important feature of our programme is that it attempts to equip the students with training in skills that they can put to use in any challenging situation either in the field or in the policy sphere. Our students, thus, make smooth transitions from the world of studentship to the world of professional work.

... Prof. R. Ramakumar,

Dean, School of Development Studies

Why Recruit Us?

The M.A in Development Studies at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai draws its strength from the long-standing legacy of the institute and its combination of theoretical exposure, research and field experience.

  • It is home to some of the most qualified and recognised faculty in the field of Social Sciences in India.

  • The student profile comprises of a diverse group from disciplines thus enriching classroom discussions and student interactions.

  • The students also gain international exposure through collaborations with universities in France, Australia, Germany and Austria in the form of student exchange programmes.

How does a student of development studies distinguish herself/himself from other post-graduates in the development sector?

Well, that is in multiple ways.

  • First, Development Studies builds us in looking at issues as a concrete whole. This would mean that we do not look at our personal aims as final, but as part of a larger vision of institutional action and change.

  • Our sensitivity to issue in hand helps us discuss and analyse them the perspective of equality and justice to all. This helps us work on strategies and solutions that would reach out even to the last individual in the society. We are oriented and trained to think and understand that one solution would not work for all. Thus, our strength comes in looking at specificity of issues and then applying theory and methods to it.

  • The interdisciplinary nature of the course gives us the outlook to look beyond the confines of specific disciplines and apply unique solutions that draw from our understanding of various aspects of society. This is where we are better placed that an economist, sociologist, humanist, political scientist or statistician

  • We stand out because as development professionals we are not just equipped with skills from a multitude of disciplines but we also have the capacity to engage continuously with multiple stakeholders, including policy makers, planners and various actors in national/international negotiations.

  • If you are in search of talent that is broad, diverse and inclusive with respect to world view, advanced with respect to skills, analytically rigorous with respect to research and consistently evidence-based with respect to advocacy and policy analysis, the Development Studies programme in TISS, Mumbai is where you should look.