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Course Coordinator's Message

The Women’s Studies MA Program is an interdisciplinary program informed by contemporary feminist theory and praxis, focusing on processes for producing critical and socially relevant and interventionist knowledge. Women's Studies is about integrating women's experiences, realities and perspectives in mainstream/codified knowledge from where they have been left out or made invisible . It is about making women's perspectives visible and central to understanding society, social structures and operations. It is about reclaiming women's contributions to development of cultures, nations and civilizations. It is also about changing structures of oppression, exploitation and neglect that have not only stifled women as individuals but have also contributed to developing a lopsided/male-centric form of knowledge across disciplines Women's Studies is thus about creating a multi-disciplinary new knowledge wherein feminism has an integral, ideological and foundational relevance.


The students of our program have an opportunity to experience a wide range of courses linking feminist theories, women’s movements, women’s development; and critiques of mainstream development that excludes women. Our program prepares students to do feminist research and documentation and learn organizational skills needed to work with women. The course is flexible so as to accommodate students with focus on both research and fieldwork/intervention related knowledge and skills. Students doing this Program may find their professional careers in diverse settings such as in academia as researchers and teachers; in journalism; as development workers and activists ;in civil and administrative functions of the government especially women and gender departments ; in national and international organizations working on women and gender issues . In fact this course will be useful to people from all fields who would like to use feminist knowledge to question, critique and make for changes in whatever area of work they may be involved in.